Logitech Unifying Software Download for Windows, Mac & Chrome OS

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Logitech Unifying Software & Drivers Download, Manual, Setup Guide for Windows & Mac OS – The Logitech Unifying Software receiver is a tiny, devoted USB wireless receiver, based on the nRF24L-family of RF gadgets, that permits approximately six suitable Logitech human interface devices (such as computer mice, trackballs, trackpads, and keyboards; earphones are not appropriate) to be connected to the same computer using 2.4 GHz band radio interaction. Receivers that are packed with a Logitech item are coupled with the gadget at the factory. When acquiring a replacement receiver or connecting several gadgets to one receiver, pairing requires the openly available Logitech Unifying software. Devices pair to Unifying Receivers similar to Bluetooth coupling although the underlying methods are inappropriate. Logitech receivers suitable with the Logitech Unifying Software way can be recognized by the orange Unifying logo which also differentiates them from Logitech Nano receivers. Nano receivers set similarly but don’t utilize the Unifying method, and only pair with single devices.

Logitech Unifying Software Download
Logitech Unifying Software

Each tool can match to one receiver per account. While a lot of gadgets only have one account, more recent items such as the Logitech MX Master, MX Anywhere series, and also M720 Triathalon, enable multiple accounts. These devices can be connected to many receivers simultaneously. This allows the use of different receivers in some computers (e.g., with a desktop and also a laptop) by just transforming accounts on the mouse. This multi-computer system feature is further increased by Logitech Flow (software KVM solution) which resembles Synergy. For other tools, the receiver and input tools can be moved with each other from one computer system to an additional keeping their paired standing after being unplugged.

Pairing software is available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X from Logitech. Wireless tools utilizing the Logitech Unifying Software Receiver are supported since Linux 3.2. Software to handle Logitech Unifying Software tools on Linux is readily available from third-party developers, like Solaar. Furthermore, many firms have actually made USB wireless receivers extremely comparable to Logitech’s, though it is unidentified if Logitech has actually taken lawsuit versus these firms or perhaps if Logitech holds a license for the technology. Logitech gadgets are inappropriate with a number of these “off brand name” receivers, though some are made explicitly as reasonable choices to the Logitech Unifying Software receiver that can be paired with Logitech tools. Logitech Unifying receivers (LURs) are often consisted of in wireless Logitech keyboard, mouse, and also combination collections, though they may be purchased alone.

Logitech has actually reacted with a couple of Logitech Unifying Software receiver firmware updates as brand-new ventures have actually been reported. The current firmware updates for Windows PCs as well as Macs can be found right here. For Linux users, there are natural options to blink and also trying out such as well as MouseJack tool exploration and even research study tools. Nevertheless, with these devices, a different firmware binary is still called for. The required.cab apply for use with can be discovered on the LVFS: Device List, or merely by downloading the updates. Recalling a Linux host through a hypervisor such as VirtualBox along with a Windows online guest photo and also the Windows Logitech update executable is likewise possible. If utilizing a Windows digital visitor, it is suggested to have a 2nd offered directing device while the dongle is being updated. The second pointing gadget might be required to enable the individual to select and also allow go through of the Logitech Unifying Software receiver using the hypervisor taskbar after implementing the firmware updater so that the gadget is located and even upgraded.

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Download Logitech Unifying Software For Windows, Mac & Chrome OS

Version OS Compatible Publish Date Download
2.50.25 Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (or older) Apr 07, 2014 Download
1.3.375 Mac OS X 10.13.x, Mac OS X 10.12.x, Mac OS X 10.11.x Aug 23, 2018 Download
1.3.375 Mac OS X 10.10.x;Mac OS X 10.11.x;Mac OS X 10.12.x;Mac OS X 10.13.x Feb 1, 2017 Download
1.0.1 Chrome OS Dec 19, 2014 Download

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